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*We are now offering soft shelled helmets as an extra layer of protection. Helmets are optional, not mandatory.


Step 2:

Please click the link below to fill out the player participation form.

*This covers the insurance and free membership to USA Football.  League name is "NFL FLAG LA"


Step 3:

Birth certificate is required for all new players. please scan/email to info@nflflagla.com

*If you do not have a birth certificate, we accept other documents:

i. Original passport

ii. Government issued state ID with birthday

iii. School ID with birthday

iv. School document with birthday

v. Medical record with birthday


*If you have already submitted, please skip.


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Please Fill Out Registration Form Below.

*If you prefer to print out the registration form and mail to us, please click the link below.

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We are seeking volunteer coaches and statisticians. Each team will need one of each for the season. If you have interest, please indicate by checking your choice(s)below, and a NFLFLAGLA associate will contact you.